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We provide our patients with a complete array of nutritional services, and tests. We also perform tests for allergies, and food sensitivities, as well as other disorders. Upon review of the test results, we will outline a program of dietary changes and nutritional supplements to help you achieve your optimum health.

These are some of the services we provide:

Nutritional Analysis - Combining various methods of testing, we analyze what you consume, digest and assimilate. We determine how to correct your digestive process. Digestive problems are underlying most all chronic illness and disease.

Nutritional Supplements - At Complete Wellness Center all patients are examined for nutritional deficiencies and absorption problems. Every body is biochemically unique. Supplement protocols are determined for each patient based on their individual needs. Nutritional programs are designed to prompt your body into functioning properly and to reduce the need for supplements. What is good for the general public is not necessarily good for the individual.

Loomis Enzyme Specialist - Enzyme nutrition is defined as the art and science of using nutrition to maintain homeostasis and health in the body. We use proven and time-honored standards to nutritionally support the body. We recognize that the best sources of nutrients are not concentrated chemical compounds but whole foods with contents that act synergistically when properly digested and assimilated.

Internal Health Specialist - Dr. Shea has completed training to become a Certified Internal Health Specialist. She has helped hundreds of patients eliminate digestive problems and the health issues that follow. Our programs can restore your intestinal integrity and health.

Detoxification Protocols - We are exposed on a daily basis to toxins through food, air and water. Toxins overwhelm the body's mechanisms and ultimately produce inflammation. Detoxing regularly restores vitality, boosts the immune system and lightens the load for our body's vital organs. We have simple cleanses, supplements regiments, and ionic foot bath programs to promote and maintain detoxification.

GI Restoration - Our digestive tract is where we absorb nutrients, where the foundation of our immune system is, and is the location where most of is our mood chemicals (serotonin) are made; it is also the barrier to outside toxins. Our gut health is extremely important, yet it is compromised by over-the-counter drugs, antibiotics and stress. We have specific protocols for GI repair and restoration.

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