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Chiropractic is the largest and oldest alternative health profession in the US and chiropractic has helped millions of people achieve health and wellness without drugs or surgery. Our office offers a full range of chiropractic treatments.

We help patients who are suffering from:

  • Neck Pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Pain from Automobile accidents
  • Athletic injuries
  • Sprains

We offer treatment using the following techniques:

Diversifed Adjusting - Hands-on spinal and extremity adjusting
Activator Adjusting - A more gentle form of chiropractic treatment
Erchonia Adjuster - The Erchonia adjuster is a hand-held mechanical adjustment device

Logan Basic Adjusting - One of the lowest-force adjusting techniques. There is a light, sustained forced on the sacrum and it uses muscles as a lever system for balancing the entire structure of the spine.


Applied Kinesiology - an interdisciplinary approach to health care. A.K. uses functional assessment measures such as posture and gait analysis, manual muscle testing as functional neurologic evaluation, range of motion, static palpation, and motion analysis. It examines a "triad" of structure, chemical and emotional factors affecting health.

Clinical Kinesiology - a more advanced technique, building on Applied Kinesiology. This method reveals which techniques and protocols to use in which order, It allowed the body to unwind the adaptive patterns to disclose the causal factors needing treatment.

Brimhall Techniques - A range of procedures are utilized, including gentle adjusting, allergy treatments, nutritional deficiencies and emotional release.

Cold Laser Treatment - Using the first FDA approved laser, these treatments provide tremendous relief for pain, more rapid tissue healing, increased motion and fast recovery.

Heat/Ice Therapy - Relaxes tight muscles, causing tissues to relax. This decreases pain caused by muscle tension or spasms. Ice/Heat causes vasodilatation of the blood vessels which increases circulation to the area, and also decreases inflammation in the area. By decreasing inflammation, pain and swelling are decreased.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Definition - Electrical stimulation uses an electrical current to cause a single muscle or a group of muscles to contract, which helps strengthen the muscle. Along with increasing muscle strength, the contraction of the muscle also promotes blood supply to the area which assists in healing.

Percussor ® by Erchonia - Breaks up adhesions, "unwinds" myofascial tissue, and provides deep and superficial release of muscles and trigger points.

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